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Opening ceremony of South Binhai Avenue West Line Extension Project

On 30th of October, an opening ceremony of South Binhai Avenue West Line Extension Project was held in Dalian High-tech Zone. The Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Dalian High-tech Zone and the director of the Administrative Committee, Jin Guowei attended the opening ceremony and delivered an important speech. Others participated in the ceremony are including the leaders of the Party Working Committee of Dalian High-tech Zone and the Administrative Committee, department directors from local government, stuff from the neighborhood committee, enterprises and institutions directly under local management, heads of the local agencies, and the representatives of local enterprises, designing institutions and construction companies. The member of the Party Working Committee of Dalian High-tech Zone and the deputy director of the Administrative Committee, Sheng Jinman was the master of the ceremony.

South Binhai Avenue is the first earth-anchored suspension bridge in China, which links the Jinyin hill at the east side of the Jinsha Beach and the Lingshui Bay of Dalian High-tech Zone in the west, it stretches across the Xinghai Bay from the east to the west. It is one of the most important horizontal avenue of the “Seven vertical and seven horizontal” avenues in Dalian. As an important part of the bridge construction, Dalian High-tech Zone was in charge of the first stage of the West Line Extension project, with a total investment of 6.5 billion yuan. Construction projects included: reconstruction of Qixian East road, construction of LingBin road, overpass of HuangPu road, and other 15 urban roads, 1 overpass bridge and related pipeline networks.

After almost 2 years of construction, South Binhai Road West Line Extension project was completed successfully. It symbolized the development and construction of Lingshuiwan area in Dalian High-tech Zone achieved its purposed goals. The developing level of the local infrastructure has been moved forward to a higher level.

Jin Guowei at the ceremony announced the official opening of the avenue and delivered an important speech. He said that it was not easy to launch the South Binhai Avenue West Extension Line and Xinghai Bay suspension bridge at the same time. Today, the ceremony is not only dedicated to celebrate its official opening, but also to promote the spirits of overcoming difficulties, resisting pressures, and achieving success with full efforts. Now, despite the development of Dalian High-Tech Zone is facing many difficulties, with our strong spirit, we will make the future of Dalian High-tech Zone more brilliant. He pointed out that “we will have a lot of work to do during the following years. The opening of the extension line is not a full stop, but a new start. We are going to launch its second stage of construction, and are planning to lay the avenue across Xiaoping Island and connect it to the Lvshun South Avenue. At the same time we have to speed up the schedule of the “1st” avenue along our side, and try to finish it within one month. Next spring we also plan to start the reconstruction project of the Hongling road.By completing these series of construction projects, we want to provide a more convenient traffic , a better environment and a higher quality of life for our regional residents and enterprises. We will ask for support and understanding from our local enterprises and residents in order to smooth our construction projects. We hope that everybody continues working harder and let us start a new journey together!”



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