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Tips for booth personnel allocation at the exhibition

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The allocation of the exhibition booth personnel is a really important step and should be considered cautiously. How the best to allocate booth stuff is a big challenge for many exhibition companies. Here there are a few tips for the exhibitors: how to choose the right booth personnel.

1.Bring the right stuff. Many exhibitors could say that due to top-qualified sales stuff at the exhibition, they had a strong performance, but they haven’t reached the goal yet. In fact, the best sales representatives are not the only candidates for the booth personnel. The sales representatives at the exhibition will be bored soon and will lose the interest. The most important part of the show is to communicate with potential customers and show them who you are and how you can satisfy their needs. If your goal is to get a clue through dialogues and communication, than you should think which company employees suit the best this role. No matter, from which department they are. 

2.Train your people: don't think that everyone knows what to do at the exhibition. Although they work in your company, but it doesn’t mean that they all can understand your ideas related to the exhibition booth. Pre-event training is very important. Hold a training course, including how to start a dialogue, prepare for questions, and general knowledge of the product or service. If the live show is a part of the exhibition, ensure that everyone is ready.

3.Communication and explanation: You may be surprised why on the same question related to exhibition you can receive different answers. It is caused by bad communication. Ensure that all management’s levels and personnel have the same understanding and clearly common goals. From personnel point of view, there is nothing more confusing that receiving different information from different departments.  

4.Think about your employees: no matter you have two or more shows a year, don't forget your staff. They work for you and might be really tired and far away from home, might eat not good food, so don't just focus on the results and don’t ignore those who help you. Give them a break, so that they can sleep well; encourage and appreciate their work. After the exhibition, invite them for a dinner. Take a step further in the relationship between company and employees. 

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