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  Site operation includes exhibition center site management, outsourcing and agency services. It is a new professional service model, which the organizers of the exhibition may assign a professional exhibition service company to implement a comprehensive exhibition, including management, coordination and other services. It is a new professional service, which built a bridge between exhibitors and visitors. The most important responsibilities are: exhibition center site management, organizing and coordinating various types of exhibition services. site operation also includes: exhibition decoration, exhibition equipment and items rental, security, traffic dispersion, construction and dismantling - almost all exhibition services (except exhibition planning, publicity, promotion and reception).


  We design exhibition space by using certain visual communication methods, special lighting system and stage props. We do our best to be creative. By displaying promotional content and information in front of the public, we hope to have a significant impact on the public psychology, ideology and actions.   Exhibition design includes general conception, technical drawings, format design, character design, logo design, interior decoration, stage props design, color design, lighting design, signboard design, and etc.


  Installing water and electricity systems, infrastructural facilities and other decoration works are proceeded according to certain aesthetic rules and design concept. Exhibition contractors are required to have certain professional knowledge, to demonstrate best efficiency in order to achieve the main goal of promoting the brand.

Service Hotline: 0411-82630000

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